For every project, we bring our A-Game to design and deliver the optimum sporting experience for your community to keep the game going as long it can.

I & Y Construction, LLC is a privately owned, open-shop, general and electrical construction company based in New Enterprise, PA. Since our beginning in June 2004, our primary business has been high mast sports lighting installations, stadium bleacher erection and installations, foundation work including drilling (caissons/piers) and spread footers, and other various types of masonry and concrete work. Over the years, we’ve also expanded into installing scoreboards and sound systems. The demand for our services has also grown, and due to the quality and specialized nature of our work, we are asked, willing, and able to travel significant distances to perform our services.

Our customer base includes private non-profit organizations, public school districts, colleges & universities, public municipalities, and other contractors. During the past several years, I & Y Construction, LLC has installed Musco and other sports lighting systems for numerous stadiums and fields throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, and New York. We have worked on and completed more than three hundred different sports lighting projects either as a subcontractor or GC.

Areas of Expertise

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“Poles in Air” – Foundation to Pole Top

Baseball, Soccer ball, and Football Icons

Field, Court & Stadium Lighting

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Parking Lot & Walkway Lighting

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Large Area Lighting

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Scoreboards, Sound Systems & Electrical Work

Starting Lineup

The people behind our success include owners Matthew Snyder and Ronald “Tink” Snider, and Foreman, Gregory Peace. Matt and Tink’s wives, Christine and Kristen, are the people REALLY behind our success, because, among many other things, they consistently keep the day to day operations running smoothly.

Matt Snyder

Matt heads up sales, estimating and purchasing. He graduated from Penn State University in 1992 and has built up more than 16 years experience in the sports lighting industry. Prior to owning and running I & Y Construction, Matt worked as a Field Sales Representative for Musco Sports Lighting and has extensive knowledge of sports lighting installation and construction. 

Tink Snider

Tink uses his 25 years of General Construction experience to confidently lead our team during construction. He also lends his experience to help in the office with cost estimating and bidding. But primarily he’s an on-site construction manager and coordinates all phases of installation to make sure each project is completed efficiently and to our industry’s high standards.

Greg “JR” Peace

Greg began working with I & Y in 2005. He’s from Punxsutawney, PA and married to Brandi Peace. They have 2 children: Cameron and Lincoln.  When he’s not drilling holes or hanging lights, he’s usually out hunting.

Ken Knepp

Kenny became a member of our team in 2005. He’s from Saxton, PA, and has been married to his wife Robin for 31 years. They have 3 children and 7 grandchildren (6 boys and 1 girl).  He loves to hunt.

Steven Kline

Steven Kline was hired in July 2020 as a construction laborer. He is from Everett, PA and is a recent graduate of Northern Bedford High School. When not working, Steven enjoys spending time outdoors hunting and fishing.

Christine Snyder

Christine Snyder is the wife of Matthew Snyder, and has been involved with I & Y from the get-go. She takes care of Payroll, Accounts Payable and Account Receivable, Insurance, Bid Paperwork as well as other administrative duties. She played Varsity Soccer under the lights at the University of Virginia for three years and graduated in 1990. She’s also the mother of two wonderful children: Zane and Sydney.

Kristen Snider

Kristen Snider is the wife of Tink Snider.  She officially joined the office staff in 2011 and takes care of Employee Paperwork, Maintains CDL Truck Logs, and handles the Credit Card accounts as well as other administrative tasks. She’s also the mother of three beautiful daughters: Taylor, Paige and Raegan.

Nevette Hostetler

We welcomed Nevette Hostetler to the I&Y family in January 2021. She is the sister of Tink Snider. Nev will take over most duties from Chris & Kris and will assist Matt full time in running the office. Nev also has over 14 years over the road CDL experience which is valuable to I&Y as she can help drive in a pinch. Nev lives in Bedford, PA and has a cat named Kitty Kittie. She enjoys playing the guitar, photography, hiking, and kayaking in her spare time.

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