Other Services

I & Y Construction provides many levels of comprehensive construction services that meet the needs of Private, Industrial, Commercial, and Government entities. We offer vast experience, quality workmanship, and timely services in the following construction applications:

Caisson Drilling

I & Y Construction has done extensive drilling and foundation work for sports lighting foundations, parking lot lighting foundations, scoreboard foundations, and stadium bleacher foundations.

  • 24”- 48” diameter up to 40’ depths
  • Tooling for Earth Augering and Rock
  • Drilling/Coring
  • Temporary or Permanent Steel Casing
  • Slurry Methods for Hole Stabilization

Foundation & Concrete Work

Our experience with foundation installations enables us to adapt to each unique site’s requirements and install foundations two ways: 1) through the use of pre-manufactured precast concrete solutions, and 2) with the use of site specific engineered foundations, which are constructed on site. This type of foundation consists of poured in place concrete that is reinforced with extensive rebar cages and mats.

  • Drilled Piers or Caissons
  • Excavated Spread Footings
  • Flatwork and Equipment Pads
  • Supply & Tie Rebar Cages and Mats
  • Concrete Forms for Above and below grade applications

Electrical Applications & Work

Our practical experience in putting in lighting systems for people, communities, and organizations helps us to solve many other problems and finish projects for customers who don’t necessarily need sports-lighting. Schools, cities, and facility owners have all counted on us in the past to provide quality work for their major lighting projects, and you can too for whatever you may need.

  • Site Utility Installation – Earth & Rock Excavation – Trenching
  • Site Lighting & High Mast Lighting
  • Distribution Power Services

Used Equipment For Sale

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