I&Y Construction is HIRING!

I&Y Construction is looking to hire a new site crew member to our team!  We are the leading installer of sports lighting in the Mid Atlantic Region.  Applicants must be willing to travel and stay over night away from home.  Class A CDL, OSHA 10 and Aerial Boom Lift Certified preferred.  Most job sites are located on school grounds requiring Security Clearances for all employees on site.  You may send questions and resume via email to

Peterswood Park First Project of 2024 Complete

It was a cold and windy start to the 2024 Construction Season.  I&Y Construction took to Peters Township in Washington County for an 11 pole Retrofit.

The community park has planned for many new upgrades to their baseball/softball fields including new dugouts, press boxes, LED sports-lighting, and a synthetic turf field.    The sports lighting was a 59 LED fixture retrofit to Musco’s TLC for LED design.

Despite grounding winds and wet conditions, I&Y Construction finished the project in a two-week window between February and March, exceeding expectations.

I&Y Construction has installed over 400 Sports Field Lighting projects in the Mid- Atlantic Region and has become the #1 trusted Musco lighting installer in the region.  I&Y Construction prides itself on the quality and efficiency of service, as well as our experience, reliability, and knowledge of installing sports lighting.


Home to the State College Spikes and Penn State University baseball teams, Medlar Field at Lubrano Park was ready for a facelift.  In addition to the new natural grass, renovated dugouts, and new scoreboard, the organizations made the decision to upgrade the field’s sports lights to all LED as part of a long-term maintenance program.

I&Y Construction stepped in to spearhead the three-tower, four-pole retrofit.  I&Y implemented a plan to tackle replacing 188 metal halide fixtures with (a more efficient) Musco TLC for LED 128 fixture design on the facilities existing structures.  In addition to the light fixtures, I&Y Construction installed Musco’s Ball Tracker technology and Showlight system.

BallTracker fixtures light the underside of the aerial baseball to help players follow it’s path with better contrast against the dark sky.

Showlight with changing RGB fixtures allows the staff to wash the stadium in different colors in a spectacular display for fans and players alike.

Sports Journalist for the University, Surya Maddali said it best, “The lighting seems to be the most meaningful change, as it will significantly improve the lumination level for night events.  I think the existing lighting is underwhelming at times, and it has not been bright enough for the night games.  The renovation is a welcomed one for me, and it will benefit players, fans, and media alike.”

I&Y Construction took to the field for the project December 4th 2023.  Lights were operational for the March 14th Home Opener game.

I&Y Construction is always honored to be a part of these projects.  Bringing universities, parks, sports clubs and school districts to a new playing level; not only for their athletes but for the their families, fans, and entire communities.

I&Y Construction has installed over 400 Sports Field Lighting projects in the Mid- Atlantic Region and has become the #1 trusted Musco lighting installer in the region.  I&Y Construction prides itself on the quality and efficiency of service, as well as our experience, reliability, and knowledge of installing sports lighting.

I&Y Brings a New Panther Fan Experience to Light!

In July, with the help of I&Y Construction, Northern Bedford County High School replaced their existing Musco metal halide sports lighting fixtures with Musco’s Total Light Control for LED fixtures.  

The NBC Community Stadium re-lighting project was a 4-pole retrofit which utilized the existing Musco poles and foundations.  The new efficient LED sports lighting fixtures provide a more focused, even illumination of the field, less energy consumption, and less light pollution.  NBC also chose to add the Musco ShowLight technology package to further upgrade and enhance the capability of the new lighting system.  ShowLight can produce color and amazing lighting displays and will give an awesome new fan experience to the district and its visitors as they host sporting events and enliven the school band program. 

On Tuesday Aug. 15, 2023, the school board got to witness this incredible new Panther Community Stadium’s fan experience.  They watched as the football field was lit up by the upgraded LED and a color display danced across the field and stands.  Everyone loved it!

Northern Bedford County School District is the Alma Mater of I&Y Construction owners, Matt Snyder and Ronald “Tink” Snider.  They were excited to bring the new LED Musco lighting system with its Showlight technology to their hometown.   Not only is I&Y Construction’s home base located in the school district, but the formation of I&Y Construction began with a chance meeting of the two 1988 NBC graduate classmates at a home Panther Football game in the fall of 2003. 

I&Y Construction has installed over 400 Sports Field Lighting projects in the Mid- Atlantic Region and has become the #1 trusted Musco lighting installer in the region.  I&Y Construction prides itself on the quality and efficiency of service, as well as our experience, reliability, and knowledge of installing sports lighting.

Conemaugh Valley Lights Football Field

“The future of the football team is bright!” said Tom Stiffler (youth football league coach and booster member) at a recent school board meeting.  Tom advocated for the installation of new lights at Conemaugh Valley School District’s Jr/Sr High School Football Field back in October of 2022.

With the help of State Representative Frank Burns, the school received a state grant of $100,000.00 toward the installation of the new sports lighting system which was designed and manufactured by Musco Lighting.  With additional funding from a private donor, the school voted to approve the lighting project in hopes to have the lights operational by the fall of 2023.

Exceeding the community’s timeline expectations, I&Y Construction got to work in late March on the installation of the four-pole turnkey sports lighting project.  I&Y Construction installed four 70’ Musco poles with LED TLC (total light control) fixtures around the Blue Jay’s football field.  In addition to the lighting, the school district requested more power to the field and additional GFI’s.  I&Y Construction trenched and ran conduits, installed a Musco contactor cabinet, and ran power from the school to power the new sports lighting system.  The project for I&Y Construction took three weeks to complete and was finished well before the 2023 Conemaugh Valley High School Football Season.

Conemaugh Valley School District is located in Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

I&Y Construction is always honored to be a part of these projects.  Bringing universities, parks, sports clubs and school districts to a new playing level; not only for their athletes but for the their families, fans, and entire communities.

I&Y Construction has installed over 350 Sports Field Lighting projects in the Mid- Atlantic Region and has become the #1 trusted Musco lighting installer in the region.  I&Y Construction prides itself on the quality and efficiency of service, as well as our experience, reliability, and knowledge of installing sports lighting.


Northern Bedford to Relight Panther Community Stadium in 2023

During Northern Bedford County School District’s January school board meeting, a vote to upgrade the sports lighting on Panther Stadium was approved.  The approved proposal included a new MUSCO TLC for LED retrofit design to be installed by I&Y Construction with the addition of the MUSCO Show Light Entertainment Package.

The sports lighting upgrade to the community stadium will provide a focused LED lighting system with “Total Light Control” which is designed to fully illuminate only where it is desired.  So, there will be no more overwhelming light spillage across the county on game night.  Another added benefit of the new lighting system is the energy savings that the new more efficient LED system will provide.

The addition of the MUSCO Show-Lighttm brings a unique opportunity to the small hometown-field game experience for the fans and players.   The sports lighting entertainment package has the options of a pre-programmed or custom color light show.  This will provide the game operators and announcers with the ability to add excitement to player introductions, halftime shows, big plays, and post-game celebrations; the possibilities are endless!  The Show Lighttm system has great potential to enrich the community experience in many ways.

Northern Bedford County is the home of I&Y Construction and the alma mater of owners Tink Snider and Matt Snyder as well as many other I&Y Construction employees.  I&Y Construction is proud to able to help provide the school district with this opportunity.  I&Y Construction has contributed to NBC with several projects in the past including the installation of the new soccer field scoreboard in 2022.  Tink Snider, also a proficient mason, designed and built the Wall of Honor in the Panther Community Stadium.

The retrofit sports lighting project for Northern Bedford is set to begin in Summer 2023.

Demolition Begins At Altoona’s Mansion Park

I&Y Construction began demolition Monday morning at the Altoona Area School District’s Mansion Park.  As part of the much-anticipated upgraded sports lighting project, I&Y Construction is taking down the six existing well-worn poles.  The school district estimated the steel poles to be at least 70 years old and the light fixtures to be 30 years old.

In the coming weeks, I&Y Construction will remove the poles, drill for the new precast-bases and set in place six new 100’ sports lighting poles.

The Altoona Area School District chose Musco’s proposed six pole TLC for LED™ sports lighting design to maximize the on-field lighting while minimizing light pollution on the neighboring homes.  In addition to lighting the track and football fields, lights are also being integrated to cover the adjacent practice field.  I&Y Construction is also installing Musco’s Show-Light™ package to take the fan experience to the next level with an epic kaleidoscope of colored light shows.

Mansion Park has been a source of community pride and regularly serves as the site for a variety of events in the Altoona area.  It hosts over 60 events during a typical fall season including the district play-offs for various sports.

I&Y Construction is always honored to be a part of these projects. It is exciting to elevate our local school districts facilities to a new playing level.  The state of the art technology is not only for the benefit of the athletes, but also for the fans, the communities, and their families.

I&Y Construction has installed over 350 Sports Field Lighting projects in the Mid- Atlantic Region and has become the #1 trusted Musco lighting installer in the region.  I&Y Construction prides itself on the quality and efficiency of service, as well as our experience, reliability, and knowledge of installing sports lighting.

Main photo was taken from the Altoona Mirror article, click here to view:  Altoona Mirror Photo


Cumberland Valley Football Gets New Lights!

I&Y Construction took down the old Musco light fixtures at the Cumberland Valley HS football stadium and replaced them with new Musco LED sports lighting fixtures.



With the addition of the new lighting, the stadium will be one of the nicest venues in the state for high school sports. Because of the field renovations, the Cumberland Valley HS football stadium will host the PIAA State Football playoffs through 2025! Check out some of the photos of the old lights coming down and the new lights going up.

Light poles go up at Cumberland Valley fields

I&Y Construction stood 11 Musco Sports Lighting poles yesterday around the baseball and softball fields at the Cumberland Valley High School in Mechanicsburg, PA.  The steel poles are equipped with LED fixtures and will bring state of the art lighting technology and college quality light levels to the high school fields.

Nevette Snider Hostetler took a few hours out of the office to capture some photographs of the progress.

I&Y Construction contributes to NBC Soccer


Northern Bedford County High School was in dire need of a new scoreboard for their soccer field that sits along Route 36 in Loysburg, PA.   A brand-new scoreboard was generously donated by Hometown Bank to the NB Soccer Boosters.  The Northern Bedford County School District would just have to find someone who could get it installed.

I&Y Construction was contacted by the NB Soccer Boosters.  They asked for help in determining the needs for the removal of the existing scoreboard and the installation of the new scoreboard.

Ronald “Tink” Snider performed an on-site visit and determined that the old wooden pillars supporting the former board were structurally problematic and would not support the new scoreboard.  New steel beams would have to be ordered.

Owners Matt Snyder and Ronald Snider both graduated from Northern Bedford in 1988.  They generously agreed to donate their time, expertise, and the electrical and construction materials needed to get this scoreboard installed.  The NBC Facilities department financed the purchase of the steel beams that would support the new scoreboard.

I&Y Construction removed the existing scoreboard, drilled new foundation holes, set the steel beams, and poured concrete foundations.  When the foundations were cured, I&Y set the new scoreboard in place.  I&Y Construction also re-worked the existing electrical components required to power up the new scoreboard.

The project was completed on March 16, 2022, and the scoreboard is up and operational ready for next soccer season.

I&Y Construction would also like to extend our congratulations to the 2021 NBC Girls Varsity team on their 16-3-1 record, making them the first team in Northern Bedford history to qualify for the state playoffs.

Westmont Hilltop getting new stadium

With great enthusiasm and dreams of bringing “Friday Night Lights” to their community, Westmont Hilltop Area School District broke ground Oct. 21, 2021, on the Price Field Stadium project.  The field, located in Johnstown Pennsylvania, is part of a 7.5-million-dollar sports field improvement project.

Westmont Hilltop Area School district is investing in a new stadium that will feature an artificial turf field, an upgraded track and field facility, expanded spectator bleachers, a concession area, a press box, and the addition of a Musco LED Sports Field Lighting System.

I & Y Construction has been contracted to install the sports lighting system as well as the site electrical system.  In hopes of showing progress to the full project before the Christmas break, I&Y Construction moved in immediately after demolition of the existing structures.   Braving the December elements, our I&Y Construction team was able to drill the foundation caissons, set the precast concrete bases, assemble the sports lighting poles and fixtures, and erect the poles before the new year.

Construction will continue throughout the spring and summer months as the Price Field stadium project is slated for completion in August of 2022.

West Virginia State University Shines Bright

Dickerson Stadium of West Virginia State University was built in 1963; and, thanks to recent funding by the Bernard H. and Blanche E. Jacobson Foundation and the Kanawha County Commission, a new artificial turf field with LED stadium lighting was installed as part of a stadium renovation project.

The stadium project began in August, but the lighting portion couldn’t begin until mid-September and had a very tight three-week construction schedule.  The project had to be completed and operational for the homecoming football game on October 16, 2021.  With such a short schedule, Musco Lighting, the industry leader in sports lighting, contacted I&Y Construction to get the project done correctly and on time.   I&Y Construction was able to open a small window in their schedule to tackle the turn-key sports lighting project for Musco and the university.

In week one of construction, I&Y Construction’s crew trenched and installed conduit for the wire and data lines required for Musco’s TLC for LED sports lighting package with Show-Light+ ™.   By the second week, the I&Y Construction crew installed four 36” diameter by 18’ deep boreholes and set four precast Musco foundations in their place.  In the third and final week of the sports lighting project, the I&Y team assembled and raised four 90’ steel poles with the Musco LED sports lighting luminaries, installed the electrical gear, and completed the wiring for the entire system.

The I&Y Construction crew completed all the work and were done in plenty of time for WVSU’s celebrations.   For the first time in the university’s long and prestigious history, the West Virginia State Yellow Jackets’ football team hosted their first ever night game. There was a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony prior to the game and the renovated stadium was newly christened as Lakin-Ray Field at Dickerson Stadium.   The university also demonstrated their new Musco Show-Light+ ™ System with a light show synchronized to music in between the third and fourth quarters.

West Virginia State University is the last stadium in the HBCU to install artificial turf and sports lighting to their Football field.  So, it’s with great enthusiasm, WVSU Athletic Director Nate Burton has said, “The project will not only enhance the ability of our teams to recruit exceptional student-athletes from across the country, but it will enhance the ability of our current student athletes to prepare, train and compete for championships.”

I&Y Construction is always honored to be a part of these projects. Bringing Universities, Parks, Clubs and School Districts to a new playing level; not only for their athletes but for the fans, the communities, and their families.

I&Y Construction has done over 300 Sports Field Lighting projects in the Mid- Atlantic Region and has become the #1 trusted Musco lighting installer in the region.  I&Y Construction prides itself on the quality and efficiency of service, as well as our experience, reliability, and knowledge of installing sports lighting.









Check out some of the tweets during the homecoming celebration:



New Lights at South Allegheny HS are LIT!


South Allegheny High School, located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, is approximately 10 miles south of Pittsburgh.  The SAHS Gladiator football team played their final home game of the year on Friday October 29, 2021, and forever closed the gates to Glassport Memorial Football Stadium where the school district has played since 1950.

Glassport stadium was once boasted as being the area’s best lit stadium and one of the largest as it seated over 4,000 people.  While impressive for the time, the stadium became somewhat outdated and required numerous repairs, updates, and maintenance for the district and the borough.  As a result, the South Allegheny School District voted to go with a long-term, cost-effective plan of building a new stadium adjacent to the Middle/High School.

The 7.4-million-dollar state of the art stadium project included a 95,560 sq ft synthetic turf field, handicap accessible home, visitor, and band grandstands with seating for over 2500, a press box with a video platform, a video display scoreboard, and a four pole Musco LED Sports Field Lighting System.

I&Y Construction worked with Musco to design and install a cost efficient, modern, four pole LED sports lighting system for the new stadium project.  I&Y Construction, coordinated and worked with the numerous on-site project contractors, and started construction just seven days after the official groundbreaking on June 1, 2021.

The four-pole design, which required four large foundations weighing 4580 lbs. each included two 42” diameter x 46’ deep and two 42” x 42’ deep drilled caissons with steel reinforced concrete.  I&Y Construction over saw the drilling and installed the formidable concrete bases.  Once the bases were set in place, I&Y assembled and erected the four 80’ steel poles with a total of 36 LED fixtures providing a 40 footcandle average of light now covering the entire stadium field.  Once the poles were set, the I&Y Construction team then trenched and ran conduit and wire for a 400 AMP service from the school to the stadium and around the perimeter of the stadium for the new MUSCO TLC LED sports lighting system, press box, video display scoreboard, 2 game clocks and 2 GFCIs on the field.








The photos of the completed project show just how awesome the field looks all lit up with the new Musco LED lights.  If you need new lights at your field, contact Matt Snyder at I&Y to see how we can help.


Red Lion HS Sports Lighting Project Completed In Just 3 Weeks

In 1920, what used to be the farming field of Coach Charles Jack Horn located in York County, PA, is now the home to the Lions of the Red Lion School District.  The field was donated by the Horn family to the school district in 1947 and has become a place of pride in the community.  Red Lion School District hosts over 7 boys’ and girls’ scholastic sports (football, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, softball) and community events at Horn Field.

The first lights to illuminate Horn Field were metal halide fixtures, installed in 1987.  Learning of the impact of LED and Musco’s technology in the sports lighting world to light a field evenly and efficiently (in this case two fields), the school district and the community were more than ready to upgrade to a modern LED sports lighting system.

I&Y Construction and Musco went to work to design and implement a plan specifically for Horn Field.  In this three-week construction project, six poles would be needed to illuminate both the baseball and multi-sport fields in their uniquely designed layout.  The two existing 70’ poles located behind the dugout were utilized in the new lighting design.  I&Y Construction retrofitted those two sports lighting poles by removing the existing metal halide sports lighting fixtures and replacing them with Musco LED fixtures and electronic components.

I&Y Construction “demo’ d” the four remaining original poles around the multi-purpose field and replaced them with four new steel poles (two 90’ poles and two 80’poles).  The new poles required four new 36” diameter X 18’ deep caisson foundations.  I&Y drilled the caissons, set precast concrete bases, and then backfilled them with concrete.   Once that was complete, each sports lighting pole was field assembled with remote driver enclosures, crossarms, Musco TLC LED sports lighting fixtures, and factory assembled wire harnesses.

I&Y Construction also installed a new contactor cabinet with the Musco Control-Link System.  The contactor cabinet was tied into the existing breaker panel with all new underground conduit and wire which runs from the cabinet out to each sports lighting pole.  While the new poles were being stood with a crane, I&Y Construction aimed the new LED sports lighting fixtures according to Musco design.  When the system was ready to be activated, I&Y commissioned the Musco Control-Link system.    

I&Y Construction completed our work on time within our 3-week estimated timeframe of June 28 to July 15, 2021.   Horn field was finished and ready to use in plenty of time for Red Lion’s student athletes to take the field for their summer sports camps and the community’s anticipated first home football game under the new and improved “Friday Night Lights”.

I&Y Construction, having done over 300 Sports Field Lighting projects in the Mid- Atlantic Region, has become the #1 Musco lighting installer in the region.  I&Y Construction prides itself on the quality and efficiency of service, as well as our experience, reliability, and knowledge of sports lighting installation.

Bucknell University Graham Field Retrofit

Bucknell University is an undergraduate, Liberal Arts University in the heart of Pennsylvania (Lewisburg).  Graham field is the home of the Bison’s 2021 Patriot League Champion Field Hockey Team.  With only a few days scheduled between Soccer and Field Hockey Camps on Bucknell University’s Graham Field; I & Y Construction was tasked with retrofitting the existing sports lighting system, by updating the metal halide fixtures to Musco LED technology.

In 2016 Bucknell began focusing on their “Orange and Blue Goes Green” project, which entailed converting their athletic complexes from the antiquated metal halide fixtures to modern LED sports lighting technology. In addition to improved light quality and distribution, officials saw the significant financial and environmental savings of the new technology.  There was also less maintenance, which led to less intrusive down time for student-athletes, and no more buzzing noise from the old metal halide ballasts.

By choosing to retrofit existing poles with new Musco LED sport lighting technology and TLC-LED Control Link tm (control and monitoring system) instead of installing a completely new system, the university saved time and financial resources.  Retrofitting is where the existing poles on the field are used and equipped with new updated equipment, in this case LED fixtures.

Bucknell University’s Graham Field retrofit project was scheduled for four days and completed in three in late July 2021.  I&Y Construction’s field team removed the old metal halide sports lighting fixtures and assembled and mounted the new Musco sports lighting LED fixtures on the existing poles.  Each pole was then fitted with a new wire harness and enclosure. I&Y Construction also installed a new contactor cabinet, tying it into the existing electrical system.  The new sports lighting fixtures were aimed according to Musco design specifications, and the Musco Control-Link tm system was installed – all in time for the Bison’s champion Field Hockey and Soccer teams to take the field.

Having done over 300 sports field lighting projects in the Mid-Atlantic Region, I&Y Construction is the #1 Musco lighting installer in the region.  I&Y Construction prides itself on the quality and efficiency of service, as well as our experience, reliability, and knowledge of installing sports lighting.  Call us today to see how we can help light up or re-light your fields!

A Bird’s Eye View

Our team goes to great heights for sports lighting!  The Carlisle High School’s Ken Millen Football Stadium retrofit sports lighting project, done in the Spring of 2020, gave one of I&Y Construction’s owners, Kristen Snider, the opportunity to step up into team/crew member Jordon Ritchey’s boots to get a view from 135’ up.

Kristen said she was excited to see the sports lighting project done from a “sky box” view.  Kristen and Jordon were hoisted and harnessed into a 135’ man-lift.  All I&Y Construction crew members are specialized and certified in OSHA safety and man-lift operation.  Kristen said, she felt safe and loved the view and the opportunity to be on the job site to see the football stadium with its new lights from above, taking in the whole field.

When I&Y Construction does a retrofit sports lighting project, the existing poles remain and are re-engineered with updated, energy efficient LED sports lighting fixtures.  I&Y Construction uses the man-lifts to remove the old fixtures and install the new, in this case, Musco LED technology sports lighting fixtures.  The crew then re-wired the entire system.  The newly outfitted sports lighting poles are then aimed for the most efficient visibility for players and fans.

For this particular project at Carlisle’s Ken Millen Football Stadium, I&Y Construction also incorporated the installation of Musco-Vision (an automated-remote streaming technology).

Are your lights in need of an upgrade?  Call Matt today to see how I&Y Construction can help!

I&Y installs lights at Central Cambria High School

Talk about Friday night lights!  On Sept. 9, 2020, the Central Cambria Red Devils took the field under their new retrofitted Musco Total Light Control ™ LED sports lighting system with Show-Light ™.

As a part of the school districts initiative to renovate their buildings, athletic facilities, and upgrade to new energy efficient and cost effective LED lighting technology, I&Y Construction worked with Musco Lighting to engineer both a retrofit for the existing football stadium and a turnkey electrical and LED sports lighting system for the newly constructed multi-purpose sports field.

I&Y Construction designed and installed the sports lighting and electrical portion of the $21 million over-haul project. The project included new artificial turf, goal posts, scoreboards and bleachers for the existing football field, as well as the construction of a brand new multi-purpose field that encompasses soccer, lacrosse, baseball and softball.  I&Y Construction coordinated and worked with Musco Lighting, ELA Sports, FieldTurf and Straw Construction on the project.

The scope of the project for I&Y Construction included the retrofit of the football stadium and track sports lights.  Utilizing the 4 existing 90’ poles, I&Y removed the metal halide sports lighting fixtures and replaced them with 62 LED sports lighting fixtures that incorporated track and security lighting.

The Central Cambria School District also seized the opportunity to upgrade to the Musco Show-Lite™ tech package, enabling a pre-programmed, customizable light show at a touch of button, bringing the spectator experience to a professional level.  Check out the  Cambria Heights Video!

For the newly constructed multi-sport field (soccer, lacrosse, baseball/softball), I&Y Construction built the sports lighting system from the ground up.  Our scope of work included drilling the foundation caissons, setting the bases, pouring concrete backfill, building and assembling ten poles (varying from 60’-80’) with 96 LED sports lighting fixtures, setting the steel poles on their foundations with a crane, installing conduit, and running electrical wire.

I&Y Construction in the number one installer of Musco Lighting in the Mid-Atlantic region which includes Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Washington DC.  Too see how I&Y Construction can help make your lighting project a reality, call Matt today!

I&Y installs Musco LED Lights for Penns Valley LL

Earlier this month, I & Y Construction completed our part of the baseball field lighting project for the Penns Valley Little League in Centre Hall, PA .   I & Y Construction put the “poles in the air” and installed all the underground conduit working as a subcontractor for Musco Lighting, the manufacturer of the LED sports lighting system.

Our “pole in the air” scope of work included drilling four 30” diameter holes 12-14’ deep and setting four precast concrete bases in those holes.  We assembled the steel pole sections and attached the Musco LED Lighting fixtures on the crossarms.  We then set the four steel poles with a crane and aligned the lights.  There were two 60’ poles and two 70’ poles installed to light the field.

The conduit installation included trenching, installing conduit, and backfilling the trenches.  Over 1000’ of trenching and conduit was required.

The sports lighting project was funded through a $150,000 recreation grant the Penns Valley Little League received through the state of Pennsylvania.  The new lights will facilitate evening games and extend the fall season when the days get shorter.



Construction at Middletown ASD Mini-Stadium Underway

In the fall of 2020 ground was broken on Middletown School District’s newly planned Mini-Stadium.  The project is in Dauphin County just 10 miles southeast of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

I&Y Construction, in conjunction with Mid State Mechanical Electric became a part of the 3.9-million-dollar project which is scheduled to be completed in 2021.  The new stadium will be the home of the Blue Raider soccer and field hockey teams and will feature one of the largest artificial turf surfaces in the Mid-Penn Conference.   In addition to the turf, the project includes new bleachers with seating for 500, a press box, a concession stand, multiple team rooms, and a new LED sports lighting system manufactured by Musco Lighting.

Due to the field’s proximity to the Harrisburg International Airport and Pennsylvania Turnpike, a specialized lighting design was required.  In the early design phase, Musco Lighting and Architerra, worked with the Dauphin County Conservation District and the Federal Aviation Administration to analyze the project and review the lighting requirements.  The Musco LED sports lighting system was specially designed to ensure better control of the light spillage on the airport air traffic, turnpike land traffic, and neighbors around the stadium.  The design goal was to exceed the needs of the school district and anyone in proximity to the new lights. In addition to the LED sports lighting system, aircraft warning lights will be installed on the poles to meet the FAA requirements.

The stadium lighting portion of the project requires the installation of 4 high mast sports lighting poles (three 70′ poles and one 80′ pole).  I&Y Construction’s remaining work includes the drilling of the caissons, installing the concrete lighting bases, and erecting the steel poles for the sports lighting system.  I&Y is currently scheduled to complete this part of the project in mid-April 2021.

I&Y Construction in the number one installer of Musco Lighting in the Mid-Atlantic region which includes Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Washington DC.


I&Y to Install Sports Field Lighting at Claysburg-Kimmel HS

On January 13th, the Claysburg-Kimmel school board approved the purchase and installation of new stadium sports field lighting for the varsity football, baseball, and softball fields.  The sports lighting installation is a part of a larger renovation project that includes new playing surfaces, a new grandstand with press box, and the associated electrical work.

Claysburg-Kimmel School District has contracted with Musco Sports Lighting, the industry leader for sports lighting, for the purchase and installation of the lights.  The purchase was done through COSTARS which is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program.  It is a state contract which provides competitive pricing while saving the school district the time and hassle of putting out a public bid.

After being awarded the contract, Musco Sports Lighting in turn hired I&Y Construction, LLC to perform the installation portion of the sport lighting contract.  Claysburg-Kimmel School district is just twenty minutes from I&Y Contruction, and we are the number one installer of Musco Lighting in the mid-atlantic region which includes Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Washington DC.

I&Y’s scope of work for the project will include the demolition of the existing lighting system, drilling ten foundation caissons, installing the concrete lighting bases, and standing the steel light poles. We will be installing 10 sports lighting poles.  There are four 70’ poles and two 80’ poles for the combined football and baseball field area, and two 60’ poles and two 70’ poles for the softball field.

Claysburg-Kimmel decided on Musco Lighting’s newest state of the art LED Sports Lighting System.  It will greatly improve the visibility and uniformity on the field of play for the athletes and fans while lowering the long-term energy costs to the district.

The sports lighting portion of the project is slated to begin in the summer of 2021.  Other local sports lighting projects that I&Y Construction has completed include Forest Hills Football Stadium, Bellefonte Football Stadium, Altoona HS Practice Field Lighting, and Central Cambria Football and Multisport fields.

2020 – Construction Goes on Amid COVID-19 Global Pandemic

The year 2020 and COVID-19 have brought on many new challenges to I&Y Construction that we did not have to worry about in past years.  COVID-19 has forced us to implement new job site safety procedures and make travel adjustments to help keep our employees safe and healthy while at work.

Luckily, with the exception of a governmental shut-down early on in the spring, I &Y Construction has been able to continue to work throughout the spring and summer.  In fact, we have had one of our busiest installation seasons to date and we are currently booked through the end of the year.

Two additions to the field construction team this year include Ty Douglas and Steven Kline.  Both young men come to us with previous construction experience and both have been integral parts of our team this season helping us complete our jobs on schedule.

Our field team usually works four ten+ hour days every week, often starting early in the morning.  It is extremely rare that they are on site after dark, and so they are not usually around when the lights get turned on and the light levels are tested.  However, this spring, we completed a job at Western Wayne HS in Lake Ariel, PA and they all got to see the finished project.  When our senior foreman Greg Peace got to see the lights on, he jokingly said “Wow! That’s what they look like when we’re done!”  Greg has been with us for over 200+ installations.  What is even funnier is that Steven got to see the lights illuminated on his very first job.  Needless to say, everyone was impressed with their work!

Some of our completed 2020 jobs are:

  1. Western Wayne HS Stadium
  2. East Pennsboro HS Soccer
  3. Palmyra HS Athletic Fields
  4. PSU Harrisburg Soccer
  5. Carlisle HS Football Stadium

For a complete list of 2020 jobs please see our Projects page.

State Representative Jesse Topper visits I&Y Construction

Last month, I & Y owner Matt  Snyder visited PA State Representative Jesse Topper at his office in Bedford, PA to discuss a proposed house bill that dealt with the Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN) and other cooperative purchasing programs.  I & Y Construction successfully partners with Musco Lighting, the KPN contract holder for sports and athletic field lighting, for many of our sports lighting projects.  Matt was concerned with how the bill was written and how it could have a negative impact on the construction industry and also because it could potentially eliminate the cost savings benefits it provides to the end users.  Matt provided Mr. Topper an example of how using the KPN contract can save the end users significant amounts of money on the installation of sports lighting and other construction projects.  After a successful first meeting, PA State Representative Topper stopped in to our office in New Enterprise, PA for a short visit on Thursday April 4, 2019 to meet the rest of the owners and learn more about our business.  We were honored to have him visit and can’t thank him enough for taking the time to learn more about  I & Y Construction, LLC and better understand how we operate.


I&Y Construction, LLC is in the home stretch of what looks to be another successful construction season.  As of right now, we have completed 12 sports lighting installations this year, and we have several more yet to finish by the end of the year.  Crossing this year’s construction season finish line looks like it might be a little harder than normal.

Inclement weather in 2018 has been terrible, and for any company trying to get work done outdoors, it presents problems. The affect the weather has had on I&Y Construction, LLC is no exception. Our entire installation region from NY to DC has experienced an unprecedented amount of rainfall, making it the wettest construction season we have ever experienced.   The large amounts of rainfall have made many jobs more challenging than usual, and the continued storms and weekly rainfall are starting to take their toll and affect our schedules.

Check out the video footage below from of one of our job sites.  It gives you a good idea of how rain can impact a construction site, create extra work, and potentially delay the completion of a project.                             Play Site Conditions Video 

Fortunately, we were able to complete the job in the video within our original time frame.  However, we do have several projects in progress that remain incomplete simply because we are waiting on site conditions to improve so that we can wrap them up. There is very little we can do now, except to wait for things to dry out. We continue to monitor our job site conditions on a daily basis, and as soon as things improve, I &Y Construction LLC, has a team of dedicated employees ready to go to work.  Our team of installation experts are willing to do whatever is necessary to get these sports lighting projects completed and ready for use in the upcoming seasons.

If you are interested in getting some new sports lighting installed, or want information about upgrading your current system, please contact Matt Snyder and he will help guide you through the process.

I & Y to Install LED Lights as part of Bellefonte Stadium Project

Work has begun at Bellefonte Area School District on their two year $7 million stadium renovation project.  This years’ renovations to Rogers Stadium include the demolition and installation of a new turf field, bleachers, and lights. I & Y Construction will be working as a subcontractor for FieldTurf to install the electrical and lighting portion of the project.  Our contract includes the removal of the existing poles and the installation of 4 new steel Musco poles, removal and re-installation of the existing scoreboard, as well as the installation of the electrical system backbone for the entire project.  The new system will feature Musco TLC-LED technology that will provide superior lighting for the football field and walking track.  Emergency and security lighting will also be installed.  I & Y is tentatively scheduled to be on site in July and August 2018 to complete our portion of the project.  More information on the project can be found in the following article from the BASD website.  Rogers Stadium Demolition

University of Maryland to add lights to tennis facility

The University of Maryland, in College Park, MD will be adding lights to its new state-of-the-art tennis facility.   A new Musco Light Structure Green (LSG) sports lighting system will provide lighting to a total of fifteen outdoor courts at NCAA collegiate levels.   I & Y Construction, LLC will install the lights on the courts as part of a subcontractor agreement with Gettle Inc.  Installation is set to begin this Spring.

I & Y will install lights at new Littlestown HS Stadium

The Littlestown Area School District in Littlestown, PA is building a new stadium for its athletic teams, students, and community. I & Y Construction, LLC will be working as a subcontractor to McCarty & Son, Inc. to install the new Musco Sports Lighting equipment on this project.  I & Y ‘s scope of work includes “Poles in the Air.”   We unload and distribute all the Musco Lighting equipment on site, drill the foundations, set the precast concrete bases and pour concrete backfill, assemble the light poles and set them with a crane on their foundations. Our portion of a project this size typically takes a week and it is slated to be completed sometime this summer.

More information on the project can be found in a news article written by the Evening Sun.  Click Here to read the article.


Cumberland Valley SD to Light New Multi Purpose Field

Cumberland Valley School District (Mechanicsburg, PA)  is building two brand new schools to accommodate tremendous growth and rising enrollments.  Winding Creek Elementary School and Mountain View Middle School are under construction in Hampden Township, PA and are expected to be completed by the end of 2018.  A multi-purpose athletic complex is also being built as part of the middle school project and will feature new LED technology manufactured by Musco Lighting.  I & Y Construction is under contract to install the Musco athletic field lighting and its associated electrical system.  The Musco system features a total of 36 fixtures on four 80′ poles and will provide field lighting to a maintained guaranteed average of 30 footcandles. No schedule has be confirmed but the work should be completed by the end of the 2018.

Bellefonte Little League to Add Prime Time Games

I & Y Construction is excited to be a part of the addition of lights to Webster Field 2 at the Bellefonte Little League complex in Bellefonte, PA.   We will be installing a new Musco Lighting LED-TLC system that features a total of 20 fixtures on four poles. The new lighting system will provide field light levels to a maintained average of 50 footcandles in the infield and 30 footcandles in the outfield.  With a very aggressive time table, the project is currently scheduled to begin mid-March and be completed by April 1, 2018.

More information about the project can be found in an article on the Bellefonte Little League’s home page.  You may Click Here to read the article.

Northern High School to upgrade field lighting

A project we originally bid back in 2015 is now under contract to be completed this year.  Northern High School, in Owings, MD will be replacing the lights at their football stadium.  A new sports lighting system manufactured by Musco Lighting is scheduled to be installed sometime in April. The project features Musco’s Light Structure Green (LSG) technology.  It consists of the installation of four 70′ poles, each with 11 fixtures which will provide the field with light levels to a maintained average of 50 footcandles.

I & Y will light new practice field at Frederick High School

Frederick High School, located in Frederick, MD is in the last stages of a multi-year facility upgrade. Construction of a new turf practice field is currently underway and lights will be installed to provide maximum usage time.   I & Y Construction will begin the installation of a new Musco Light Structure Green (LSG) sports lighting system and its associated electrical system in April 2018.  Four 70′ poles, each with six light fixtures, will supply the field with 30+ foot candles of constant illumination.

For a look at the entire Frederick HS replacement project click here.

I&Y to retrofit MiLB Frawley Stadium

I & Y Construction will head to Wilmington, Delaware in March of 2018 to do a retrofit lighting project at Frawley Stadium, home of the Blue Rocks Minor League Baseball team.  I & Y Construction will remove the existing metal halide sports lighting fixtures and equipment from 6 poles and replace them with new LED fixtures and technology manufactured by Musco Sports Lighting.  Approximately 200 old fixtures will be removed and 124 new fixtures will be installed.  The new LED technology will provide an energy savings and will deliver increased and improved light levels to both the playing field and bull pens. Frawley Stadium will become the first Advanced-A ballpark in the country to install new energy-efficient LED lights.

There is a new article about the job on the Blue Rocks website.  Click here to read it.

I & Y to Install Sports Lighting at Doddridge County HS (WV)

I & Y Construction has been awarded a contract to install lights at Doddridge County High School in West Union, WV.  The scope of the project includes installing new LED sports lighting equipment manufactured by Musco Lighting.  A total of 14 poles will be installed on three fields which will provide athletic field lighting at the school for the first time.  In addition to an existing softball field, lights will be installed at a brand new football stadium and baseball field, both of which are currently under construction.  The lighting portion of the project is expected to begin in the summer of 2018.

I & Y’s New Internet Presence

We’re very excited to reveal our new website!

We’ve worked with many incredible people and organizations over the years, and we’ve built a pretty substantial portfolio of some pretty substantial construction and lighting projects.

However, people outside of our individual projects were never able to really see the other interesting places we’ve been, or check out our full range of capabilities.

With our new responsive website designed and built by JMG Systems, the spectacular results of our hard work will be much more accessible to an even larger audience.

It’s taken years for us to develop the high quality and sound reputation we’ve acquired. And we’re very proud of all the good work we’ve done. So now we’re pleased to be able to improve how we show off our accomplishments to the world.

I & Y Featured by First Commonwealth

We’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude to First Commonwealth Bank for all the help and support they’ve given us over the years.

For I&Y Construction to become the number one sports lighting specialist in the Mid-Atlantic region, it required a lot of blood, sweat, and tears from our core group PLUS a lot of sound financial advice from our friends at the bank.

Having the right equipment is vital to our success, and we’ve been able to get the equipment and machinery we needed thanks to the financing solutions First Commonwealth Bank has provided.

First Commonwealth recently featured I&Y Construction on their website. Please take a moment to read the article.