Fort Cherry HS Stadium

Project Description

We just finished installing a Musco Light Structure Green system at Fort Cherry High School in McDonald, PA. The school itself is nestled on the far side of Pennsylvania, about 40 minutes west of Pittsburgh. The architect for this stadium project was Stantec, who holds a good reputation of being community-minded for every job they do.

During the course of our work, we removed six old steel structures that were installed in front of the existing bleachers. The light level average for these old structures was less than 20-foot candles, so they weren’t producing much in relation to how much space they were taking up.

We replaced that entire old system with four new steel structures that now have light levels at a 53-foot candle average. In other words, we’re shining twice as much light using almost half as many fixtures.

We also upgraded the electrical service to the site from 240 volts to 480 volts, which will help the school with any additional expansions they may want to undertake in the future.

Pending the weather, the school does plan on holding this year’s graduation ceremony under their new lights.