Williamsport High School Stadium

Project Description

I & Y Construction was hired by Musco Sports Lighting for Phase 2 of the stadium upgrade at the Williamsport High School, home of the Millionaires. I & Y Construction will be providing a complete design-build plan for the electrical system required for powering up the new field lights. Additional work within I & Y’s scope includes some of the following: demolition of the existing lights, re-connecting existing electrical equipment (such as the scoreboard to the new electrical system), and providing power on the field. I & Y’s design also allows for some future electrical expansion. Further components to the stadium upgrade include such items as a new track and turf field, new visitor bleachers, retaining wall and other site amenities. Additional construction and design members include ELA Sports, Musco Lighting, Landtek, and FieldTurf. This stadium is used for various sporting events including football, track, and soccer. The project is to get underway around the end of the 2014/2015 school year and to be completed by August 2015, which is just in time for the kickoff of the football season.

The Williamsport District obtained bids through the Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN) and is part of their “Return to Glory” Capital Campaign.