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I&Y to Install Sports Field Lighting at Claysburg-Kimmel HS

On January 13th, the Claysburg-Kimmel school board approved the purchase and installation of new stadium sports field lighting for the varsity football, baseball, and softball fields.  The sports lighting installation is a part of a larger renovation project that includes new playing surfaces, a new grandstand with press box, and the associated electrical work.

Claysburg-Kimmel School District has contracted with Musco Sports Lighting, the industry leader for sports lighting, for the purchase and installation of the lights.  The purchase was done through COSTARS which is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s cooperative purchasing program.  It is a state contract which provides competitive pricing while saving the school district the time and hassle of putting out a public bid.

After being awarded the contract, Musco Sports Lighting in turn hired I&Y Construction, LLC to perform the installation portion of the sport lighting contract.  Claysburg-Kimmel School district is just twenty minutes from I&Y Contruction, and we are the number one installer of Musco Lighting in the mid-atlantic region which includes Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Washington DC.

I&Y’s scope of work for the project will include the demolition of the existing lighting system, drilling ten foundation caissons, installing the concrete lighting bases, and standing the steel light poles. We will be installing 10 sports lighting poles.  There are four 70’ poles and two 80’ poles for the combined football and baseball field area, and two 60’ poles and two 70’ poles for the softball field.

Claysburg-Kimmel decided on Musco Lighting’s newest state of the art LED Sports Lighting System.  It will greatly improve the visibility and uniformity on the field of play for the athletes and fans while lowering the long-term energy costs to the district.

The sports lighting portion of the project is slated to begin in the summer of 2021.  Other local sports lighting projects that I&Y Construction has completed include Forest Hills Football Stadium, Bellefonte Football Stadium, Altoona HS Practice Field Lighting, and Central Cambria Football and Multisport fields.