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A Bird’s Eye View

Our team goes to great heights for sports lighting!  The Carlisle High School’s Ken Millen Football Stadium retrofit sports lighting project, done in the Spring of 2020, gave one of I&Y Construction’s owners, Kristen Snider, the opportunity to step up into team/crew member Jordon Ritchey’s boots to get a view from 135’ up.

Kristen said she was excited to see the sports lighting project done from a “sky box” view.  Kristen and Jordon were hoisted and harnessed into a 135’ man-lift.  All I&Y Construction crew members are specialized and certified in OSHA safety and man-lift operation.  Kristen said, she felt safe and loved the view and the opportunity to be on the job site to see the football stadium with its new lights from above, taking in the whole field.

When I&Y Construction does a retrofit sports lighting project, the existing poles remain and are re-engineered with updated, energy efficient LED sports lighting fixtures.  I&Y Construction uses the man-lifts to remove the old fixtures and install the new, in this case, Musco LED technology sports lighting fixtures.  The crew then re-wired the entire system.  The newly outfitted sports lighting poles are then aimed for the most efficient visibility for players and fans.

For this particular project at Carlisle’s Ken Millen Football Stadium, I&Y Construction also incorporated the installation of Musco-Vision (an automated-remote streaming technology).

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