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Bucknell University Graham Field Retrofit

Bucknell University is an undergraduate, Liberal Arts University in the heart of Pennsylvania (Lewisburg).  Graham field is the home of the Bison’s 2021 Patriot League Champion Field Hockey Team.  With only a few days scheduled between Soccer and Field Hockey Camps on Bucknell University’s Graham Field; I & Y Construction was tasked with retrofitting the existing sports lighting system, by updating the metal halide fixtures to Musco LED technology.

In 2016 Bucknell began focusing on their “Orange and Blue Goes Green” project, which entailed converting their athletic complexes from the antiquated metal halide fixtures to modern LED sports lighting technology. In addition to improved light quality and distribution, officials saw the significant financial and environmental savings of the new technology.  There was also less maintenance, which led to less intrusive down time for student-athletes, and no more buzzing noise from the old metal halide ballasts.

By choosing to retrofit existing poles with new Musco LED sport lighting technology and TLC-LED Control Link tm (control and monitoring system) instead of installing a completely new system, the university saved time and financial resources.  Retrofitting is where the existing poles on the field are used and equipped with new updated equipment, in this case LED fixtures.

Bucknell University’s Graham Field retrofit project was scheduled for four days and completed in three in late July 2021.  I&Y Construction’s field team removed the old metal halide sports lighting fixtures and assembled and mounted the new Musco sports lighting LED fixtures on the existing poles.  Each pole was then fitted with a new wire harness and enclosure. I&Y Construction also installed a new contactor cabinet, tying it into the existing electrical system.  The new sports lighting fixtures were aimed according to Musco design specifications, and the Musco Control-Link tm system was installed – all in time for the Bison’s champion Field Hockey and Soccer teams to take the field.

Having done over 300 sports field lighting projects in the Mid-Atlantic Region, I&Y Construction is the #1 Musco lighting installer in the region.  I&Y Construction prides itself on the quality and efficiency of service, as well as our experience, reliability, and knowledge of installing sports lighting.  Call us today to see how we can help light up or re-light your fields!