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New Lights at South Allegheny HS are LIT!


South Allegheny High School, located in Southwestern Pennsylvania, is approximately 10 miles south of Pittsburgh.  The SAHS Gladiator football team played their final home game of the year on Friday October 29, 2021, and forever closed the gates to Glassport Memorial Football Stadium where the school district has played since 1950.

Glassport stadium was once boasted as being the area’s best lit stadium and one of the largest as it seated over 4,000 people.  While impressive for the time, the stadium became somewhat outdated and required numerous repairs, updates, and maintenance for the district and the borough.  As a result, the South Allegheny School District voted to go with a long-term, cost-effective plan of building a new stadium adjacent to the Middle/High School.

The 7.4-million-dollar state of the art stadium project included a 95,560 sq ft synthetic turf field, handicap accessible home, visitor, and band grandstands with seating for over 2500, a press box with a video platform, a video display scoreboard, and a four pole Musco LED Sports Field Lighting System.

I&Y Construction worked with Musco to design and install a cost efficient, modern, four pole LED sports lighting system for the new stadium project.  I&Y Construction, coordinated and worked with the numerous on-site project contractors, and started construction just seven days after the official groundbreaking on June 1, 2021.

The four-pole design, which required four large foundations weighing 4580 lbs. each included two 42” diameter x 46’ deep and two 42” x 42’ deep drilled caissons with steel reinforced concrete.  I&Y Construction over saw the drilling and installed the formidable concrete bases.  Once the bases were set in place, I&Y assembled and erected the four 80’ steel poles with a total of 36 LED fixtures providing a 40 footcandle average of light now covering the entire stadium field.  Once the poles were set, the I&Y Construction team then trenched and ran conduit and wire for a 400 AMP service from the school to the stadium and around the perimeter of the stadium for the new MUSCO TLC LED sports lighting system, press box, video display scoreboard, 2 game clocks and 2 GFCIs on the field.








The photos of the completed project show just how awesome the field looks all lit up with the new Musco LED lights.  If you need new lights at your field, contact Matt Snyder at I&Y to see how we can help.