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Red Lion HS Sports Lighting Project Completed In Just 3 Weeks

In 1920, what used to be the farming field of Coach Charles Jack Horn located in York County, PA, is now the home to the Lions of the Red Lion School District.  The field was donated by the Horn family to the school district in 1947 and has become a place of pride in the community.  Red Lion School District hosts over 7 boys’ and girls’ scholastic sports (football, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, softball) and community events at Horn Field.

The first lights to illuminate Horn Field were metal halide fixtures, installed in 1987.  Learning of the impact of LED and Musco’s technology in the sports lighting world to light a field evenly and efficiently (in this case two fields), the school district and the community were more than ready to upgrade to a modern LED sports lighting system.

I&Y Construction and Musco went to work to design and implement a plan specifically for Horn Field.  In this three-week construction project, six poles would be needed to illuminate both the baseball and multi-sport fields in their uniquely designed layout.  The two existing 70’ poles located behind the dugout were utilized in the new lighting design.  I&Y Construction retrofitted those two sports lighting poles by removing the existing metal halide sports lighting fixtures and replacing them with Musco LED fixtures and electronic components.

I&Y Construction “demo’ d” the four remaining original poles around the multi-purpose field and replaced them with four new steel poles (two 90’ poles and two 80’poles).  The new poles required four new 36” diameter X 18’ deep caisson foundations.  I&Y drilled the caissons, set precast concrete bases, and then backfilled them with concrete.   Once that was complete, each sports lighting pole was field assembled with remote driver enclosures, crossarms, Musco TLC LED sports lighting fixtures, and factory assembled wire harnesses.

I&Y Construction also installed a new contactor cabinet with the Musco Control-Link System.  The contactor cabinet was tied into the existing breaker panel with all new underground conduit and wire which runs from the cabinet out to each sports lighting pole.  While the new poles were being stood with a crane, I&Y Construction aimed the new LED sports lighting fixtures according to Musco design.  When the system was ready to be activated, I&Y commissioned the Musco Control-Link system.    

I&Y Construction completed our work on time within our 3-week estimated timeframe of June 28 to July 15, 2021.   Horn field was finished and ready to use in plenty of time for Red Lion’s student athletes to take the field for their summer sports camps and the community’s anticipated first home football game under the new and improved “Friday Night Lights”.

I&Y Construction, having done over 300 Sports Field Lighting projects in the Mid- Atlantic Region, has become the #1 Musco lighting installer in the region.  I&Y Construction prides itself on the quality and efficiency of service, as well as our experience, reliability, and knowledge of sports lighting installation.